Brake pads are fundamental elements in any brake system because they are directly responsible for transmitting the power of the caliper to the brake disc so that it can overpower the brake pads without strain. Galfer has developed specifics compounds for each use and motorcycle model looking to offer the top performances in all type of driving and for all the profiles and needs of users.


  • Powerful, progressive & modular brake
  • Low wear rate and minimum noise
  • Maximum resistance to the fade effect
  • Efficiency in wet conditions
  • No wear on brake disc


The “Disc Wave®” represents the best example of research and development by Galfer. Laser cut, stainless steel and high carbon content. There is a direct application of competitive technology for any user. Direct replacement system that does not require brackets or any extra parts, it bolts just like a stock disc would.

General features:
– Lower weight of the unsprung masses.
– More braking power.
– Better heat dissipation.
– Excellent resistance to corrosion.
– Less tendency to warp.
– Maintains cleaner the contact surface pad-disc.
– Improve and personalize the motorcycle esthetic.
– Anodized or chromed high resistance aluminium (7075 T6 – 6082 T6) or stainless steel (AISI 420) carrier.